Why go for advanced treatments?

Regular hair removal methods like Threading, waxing and shaving remove the hair for a short while. Since the hair is removed only at the skin level, it tends to grow back soon with dark patches of ingrown hair. The tiny hair bristles that grow back fast would irritate through friction when rubbed against the clothes you wear. The skin gets uneven and rough reversing the actual reason you proceeded with the method in the first place. Also, waxing can be quite painful and leaves a red patch behind. Tweezers, bleach and creams have their share of side effects too. This is precisely why our proven clinical treatments are better and long-lasting.

Remove Unwanted Hair Permanent
Stop Unwanted Hair Growth Permanent in coimbatore

Hair in the body can be ‘unwanted’ if it makes you shy and embarrassed or if it causes you inconvenience and discomfort; especially, if it grows excessively in areas that get exposed. Hair removal has hygienic factors associated with it along with aesthetic and cosmetological functions. Choosing the right method is equally important to ensure that the benefits are lasting and safe. We specialise in a variety of hair removal treatments that range from providing instant to permanent results. The specific treatment that suits your skin would be recommended to you after assessing and analysing your concerns.

Stop Unwanted Hair Growth Permanent in coimbatore

Laser Hair Removal

The pigment in the hair absorbs the laser emitted out of laser devices. Hair follicles will begin to weaken and thins eventually. Subsequent sessions reduce it or remove it leaving behind a smooth skin without pigmentation.

Removing unwanted body hair every once in a while can be irritating. This is where medically approved Laser Hair reduction treatment becomes a boon. It is a very affordable and painless treatment that removes and reduces hair permanently. The safety and completeness of the same are ensured through our advanced technology and experts. Laser hair reduction does not leave any scars or side effects. After customised and painless sessions, the skin becomes silky and smooth in texture without leaving behind any dark patches.

The treatment removes ingrown hair and leaves no pigmentation. Laser Hair reduction is a popular and ideal choice for people seeking flawlessly smooth skin and lasting satisfaction. Say goodbye to razors, creams, waxing and other temporary methods. We make people smarter before the world outsmarts them.

Hair removal treatments vary according to the area of the body treated. Generally, treatments are done on the underarms, bikini area, Arms, Legs, etc., and facial hair. Eyebrow perfection and shaping, and excessive body hair correction are other procedures we specialize in.

Yes, to remove your hair, you don’t need to have an excess of it. After analysing your concerns, any hair that causes inconvenience to you can be removed safely.