Ageing is unstoppable. But its visible effects can be reduced to a considerable extent. An undefined jawline and a Sagging neck are signs of facial ageing, losing shape and contour. It is also a signal to get started with the right treatments, prevent further ageing and get expert advice. When the soft tissue in the midface drops as a result of ageing, jowls and fine lines begin to develop from the nose to the mouth. The jaw begins to shrink and results in neck sagging.

We have several non-invasive treatments to help you get a long way farther from this nightmare by maintaining your jawline, tightening your neck and improving the proportions of your chin to gain a more youthful appearance


Dermal fillers are made up of different strengths and injected into the jawline or chin to lengthen it to achieve the perfect proportion. It smoothens folds and wrinkles, and also, creates a perfect ratio between the nose, lips, and chin. The strength of the dermal filler used depends on the needs and expectations of our clients.

However, we never compromise on perfection and strive to provide you with the best treatments to define and contour your jawline for a more attractive shape and profile.


Threadlift is a non-surgical procedure to achieve a refined jawline, improved skin elasticity and quick, lasting results with very less downtime. It lifts any part of the face, including jawlines, cheeks & mid-face, eyebrows, neck and restores facial contours.

After applying local anaesthesia to the face, we insert a thread under the skin using a fine needle. To achieve an immediate lift and shape, slight pressure is applied to the treated area. The threads act as scaffolding under the skin surface to lift the sagging soft tissues. The tiny cones in the thread hold the threads in place and stimulate collagen production to replenish the depleted facial volume. It is an effective and innovative procedure replacing cosmetic surgical treatments and the side effects it poses.

There is a wide variety of thread types used for different purposes and requirements. Cog Threads are a type of PDO-based threads, commonly used to lift the cheeks, correct nasolabial folds, reduce the appearance of jowls and eliminate sagging skin in the neck.

PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are made up of soluble synthetic materials that tighten the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis and ultimately elastin. They contain dermatologically loved Hyaluronic acid which gives a youthful and plump glow to the face.

PDO Mono Threads induce collagen stimulation for contouring and rejuvenation and have less lifting properties. They stimulate more natural Hyaluronic acid production, resulting in improved skin texture and glow.

PDO Lifting threads, on the other hand, lift the face up to tighten sagging facial tissues and increase collagen production.

Visit us to avail the best consultations and recommendations. After assessing your conditions and features, the best treatments would be recommended to you with also the post-care medications and routines. You will be consulted by the best and most experienced doctors who would only settle for the best treatments for you.