Removing excessive body hair is a fairly common concern for both men and women. In men, excessive and thick body hair could be on the chest, back, abdomen area, shoulders, underarms, around the genitals, arms, legs, and also excessive facial hair. Beard reshaping through laser hair reduction is another option that is becoming increasingly popular.

Even though there are a variety of ways to treat the same, laser hair removal lasts for a fairly long period of time since it penetrates the hair shaft and kills the hair root. It does not kill the follicle from where hair growth starts but will take the hair a fairly long time to grow back.

The time taken for each session would largely depend on the area and the extent of hair removed. For instance, we might require 10 mins to remove the hair over the ear lobes and about 15-20 minutes to remove the hair over the chest. The number of sessions will also depend on these factors.

Having excessive body hair is not necessarily a bad thing unless it grows excessively causing discomforts in the most unlikely places, areas not prone to excessive hair growth or in specific patches.

It could also be caused due to a condition called “Hypertrichosis”, which causes hair to grow anywhere on the body or on small patches. Excess hair growth in the body can be a result of high testosterone levels, which facilitate hair growth. You are also likely to have excess hair on your body if you use steroids for building muscle mass.

Heredity could be another reason. To know about any other underlying causes, schedule an appointment with us right away to get a diagnosis and treatment.