What is Chemical Peeling?

Chemical peeling or chemexfoliation includes the application of medically approved and tested peel solutions to remove the top layers of the skin and thereby improve its tone and texture. The procedure can be done in various degrees ranging from light to deep peels, depending on the depth and the nature of the results needed. The peel solution used depends on the skin condition to be treated and the level of exfoliation required. The new skin that grows back would look more smooth, rejuvenated and bright with lesser wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring and with a lot more improvements.

What are the different types of chemical peels?

Depending on the peel solution used and the depth of the treatment, chemical peels can be:

It removes the outermost layer of the skin and has little or no downtime. Usually, a number of sessions may be required to achieve an improved and healthy look with even tone, texture and decreased fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing. It treats sun-damaged skin and re-establishes a more glowing and youthful contour.

It removes the epidermis and the topmost part of the middle skin layer and might have some downtime. It corrects pigmentation, age spots, scars and wrinkles more intensively than light chemical peels. We prescribe the level of treatment for you depending on the extent of damage to your skin and the results wanted.

It removes the outermost and middle skin layers and has a long downtime. It extensively promotes the skin to repair from the deeper levels, correcting issues and conditions. It requires pretreatment and is done in a single session.

What is the process?

After a thorough examination and checking the repairs required for the skin, we recommend a specific peel solution and schedule your session. During the session, the skin is initially cleaned and any remaining traces of makeup is removed. The solution is then applied and might give you a warm and stinging sensation. After a short while, a cool compress is applied to the skin to relieve it and the peel is removed. Depending on the treatment taken, you might require pre or post-treatment and aftercare. Our treatments are safe, time-tested and ensure effective results.