Lip Enhancement

Lips are a prominent feature in the face and hence are always improved to look the best. Bridal Lip enhancement treatments aim to enhance and beautify the special ones who dream of having perfect lips and a charming smile on their big day. Lip enhancement can be done through both surgical and non-surgical modes.

Non-surgical Lip enhancement treatments

Lip enhancement techniques focus on improving and increasing collagen production. Dermal Fillers use hyaluronic acid, that adds volume and shape to the lips and are injected into the lips through non-surgical means. It is an instantaneous and effective way to achieve the desired results and hide traces of ageing.

Are the results of Dermal fillers permanent?

No. Dermal fillers last between 10-12 months before requiring to get refilled. The results are temporary and safe as we make use of the latest and revolutionary technology with expert recommendations regarding your customised post procedure care practices to ensure effective and lasting results.

Is there any down time to the treatment?

There would be little or no downtime to the procedure. The only discomfort could be when there is a mild swelling and redness in the days immediately following the treatment which get healed naturally.