Skin tags are commonly occurring harmless skin tumours that occur in creases or folds of the skin, commonly in the neck, face and underarms. They are non-cancerous and may appear anywhere on the body, but mostly in regions where the skin gets rubbed against other skin or clothing. They might start as small bumps but may get larger with time and become irritated due to friction or pressure. It is generally believed that skin tags are formed when collagen and blood vessel clusters get trapped within thicker pieces of skin. Heredity, obesity, diabetes, sex-steroid imbalances, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, pregnancy, etc., could increase the chance of skin tags. They are found in both men and women, mostly after mid-life and are removed for aesthetic, convenience and cosmetic reasons.
We offer Electrosurgery and Radiocautery treatments depending on the size, position and nature of skin tags.

How can skintags be treated?

Radiocautery and Electrosurgery treatments using lasers are effective and time-tested ways to remove skin tags. In Radiocautery, skin tags are burnt using radio waves. These treatments are painless and immediate with no downtime. A good many skintags can be removed easily at the same time without leaving any scars. In many instances, warts can be removed through our prescribed medications or topical solutions depending on its nature.