Indian marriages can vary from grand events that display pomp and splendour to small gatherings of well-wishers and loved ones. Despite the differences, presenting themselves at their best has been an undisputed and stable custom for all the brides and bridegrooms alike. Our Bridal packages aim to beautify the special and memorable event further. We provide a complete makeover, paying attention to the special ones’ individual features to achieve the ravishing look of their dreams. The packages include the enhancement of eyebrows, scars and open-pore treatments, Medi facials, etc. Our treatments are medically approved and long-lasting, with no side effects and harm. The packages are customisable according to personalised requirements and use internationally approved US FDA Technology. We highly recommend you to gift yourself with this effective package to prepare for your big day because it is supposed to be BIG and BRIGHT!

Bridal skincare treatments coimbatore

It works for you as best as it works for anyone else. That’s because we don’t provide you with the same treatment we prescribe for others. We study your problem and cause with the utmost care, keeping in mind that you are a unique individual with unique needs. There is no reason why it wouldn’t work for you since we are earnest in blending our responsibility with a passion to hold firm the trust you have in us.

The length of the session and its frequency depends on the treatment and its extent. Since we have a variety of treatments providing results that may be instant or slower, the time differs too. Our treatments are tailor-made to fit your requirements, and so would be the frequency of the sessions.

We have a broad range of acne treatments suiting different requirements, skin types, budgets, etc. Not just acne, the scars they leave behind can be vexing too. Our treatments study the root cause of acne and scars, and prescribe the most effective treatments available depending on your concern and time constraints. Insta Clear Acne treatment is a carefully curated treatment that reduces acne in just three days. This is especially handy if you had a hectic schedule before the event, giving you not much time for skin preparation.

Acne Comedone treatment reduces and clears black and whiteheads, giving the skin a smooth and bright appearance. To safely and superficially polish your skin, MDA Polishing would be a remarkable choice. The procedure gently exfoliates the epidermal layer of the skin and promotes a thicker and healthier dermis while smoothening and refreshing the skin. We have many other treatments too to fight off the acne villains pestering our beautiful brides and bridegrooms. Visit us to know what suits you best!