Moles get formed when a cluster of pigmented cells grow in a particular spot in the body. These pigment-producing cells or melanocytes, occasionally grow in clusters instead of spreading out to form moles that are brown, black or skin colour. Even though most moles are harmless, there is a rare chance of them being cancerous too. Moles are common and might prove to be unattractive. They can be congenital moles, which exist from the time of birth or acquired moles, which appear later in life.
Depending on the type of mole, we provide treatments such as Surgical excision, Surgical shave, Laser treatment or Electrosurgery. The bothersome moles will vanish in no time under the effective treatments by our experts.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is a non-surgical and painless procedure with very little chance of scarring. After numbing the area, Erbium-YAG/CO2 laser is used to destroy the pigmentation completely. The area takes a few days to heal up naturally. The cells are rehabilitated quickly without affecting the surrounding healthy tissues. The region is sterilized automatically after the procedure and becomes aesthetically appealing.
After the treatment, it is necessary that the treated region does not get exposed to sunlight. It is a good practice to use sunscreen regularly, even while indoors.


Electrosurgery is used to trim the growth of the moles down to skin level.
Electrical energy generating radiofrequency medical devices are used to burn off a mole quickly and efficiently. It does not leave any major scar and ensures predictable wound recovery. What makes the treatment stand out is the precise and depth control burning, more effective than the other treatments.


Surgical excision

Surgical mole excision is the removal of a mole by completely cutting it out. The procedure numbs a target area by the use of a numbing medicine injected into and around the area. The mole is removed by sharp dissection tools along with a small portion of the surrounding normal tissue. The skin is then stitched close and allowed to heal. It is recommended to consult a doctor to know if the moles are cancerous and prevent the dangerous cells from spreading.

Surgical Shave

After administering local anaesthesia, the mole is shaved off completely using a surgical scalpel. This procedure is used commonly for raised moles. The rough edges of the mole are trimmed through electrosurgical use of dermal loop electrodes that make them smoother and on the same level as its adjacent skin. This prevents scarring from becoming noticeable during the healing process. Our specialists then apply various creams, balms and antibiotics to prevent bleeding and infection. The treatment is painless, safe and affordable.


Warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), which is contagious and cosmetically unappealing. Even though harmless, they can be irritable and painful. Mainly caused due to weak immunity of the affected body, they are undesirable outgrowth the body’s immune system couldn’t resist. Untimely treatments could result in reappearance and spread. There is also a high possibility of passing them on to family members or near ones through close contact. Warts can appear in any part of the body, but thankfully advancements in science have made laser wart removal a very efficient treatment. Our dermatologists carry out detailed diagnoses and create a plan that suits your conditions. Warts are commonly treated through electrosurgery, lasers and Cryotherapy(freezing). We also provide medicated treatments and personalised wart removal solutions.


Cryotherapy or freezing is the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart and kill it. It forms large blisters, which will eventually divide the wart from the skin, making it to fall off on its own. The therapy is painful but the liquid nitrogen application takes less than a minute. Depending on the type of warts, one to four sessions may be required within recommended periods of time depending on the healing capacity.

Laser therapy, Electrosurgery and Radiofrequency ablation are our painless, real quick and effective treatments that are becoming increasingly popular. These treatments have the added advantage of removing the warts immediately as opposed to medicated treatments that take longer periods of time.

The treatment is made painless using numbing creams or local anaesthesia.