Dark lip correction removes the dark colour of the lips and makes them lighter and healthier. Make those uninviting dark or smoker’s lips a matter of the past by adding more shape and colour to them. This is a highly specialised technique that evenly distributes lip colour to achieve a healthy and natural look. Lip colour neutralisation is discernible right after the first session.

Dry or pigmented lips can be formed as a result exposure to sunlight that causes tanning.
Constant use of certain make-up products and chemical products can damage the lips. Biting the lips, lip injuries or inflammation, hormonal imfluences like higher estrogen levels and genetic contributions can also result in lips losing their even glow and volume.

Lip Pigmentation in Coimbatore

Dry lips can be treated through medications and hydrations boosters. Hydrations boosters like Hyaluronic acid injections hydrates the lip from within and gives it a constant and charismatic glow. It also induces more HA production within the body naturally.

Our treatments for pigmented lips include lip peels, laser toning and lip blush. These procedures rejuvenate the tissues and induce new and even tissue growth. For dry lips, hyaluronic acid boosters and fillers can work wonders. They hydrate the lips and remove prominent lip lines, dark uneven patches, etc. If you want your lips to get volumised alongside hydration, fillers could be a great option. There are both permanent and non-permanent procedures made painless and customised according to your convenience.

We have a record of relieving our clients from various shades of dark, unhealthy lips. The lip colour is neutralised first and then given dark/light colours to improve the same. Lip colour correction and shaping are long-lasting ways to achieve the look you want!