Skincare and maintenance treatments at B16 Clinic have gained tremendous attention and approval. Anyone desirous of improving their looks and maintaining the same could join us regardless of their identity, sex, etc. We provide treatments that embolden you, change your outlook and beautify you to more than what you dream. The treatments are done through one, two or a combination of the two phases.


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Caring for your skin is not a luxury any more. Loving your body and giving yourself the time can create a huge impact on your lifestyle. Over the many years of our experience, we have seen people exuding confidence and charm after our skin care and maintenance treatments that repair the damages in your skin and maintains the glow. A thorough medical examination and analysis is made to detect issues, cosmetologically unappealing factors or conditions. We then advise you with the most effective clinical procedures or medications. Check out our treatments to know more about our diverse array of procedures. If you find something in your body that needs to change, that’s reason enough to make a glowing difference in you.


If you have visited our website and have reached this page, it can be taken that you love yourself or are in the journey to the same. It is to that you we recommend our skin maintenance treatments that trap your youthfulness and glow and present to you to ensure that you don’t lose it over the years. After doing away with the damages and repairs, it is imperative to maintain the balance and skin health.

You could try out our Peels and facials on a consistent and periodical basis to enjoy the best benefits. Issues like excessive oil secretion, acne etc., and find instant relief through our laser and advanced treatments. Many a times, you could avoid going through clinical procedures if your skin is maintained well enough.

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What is the procedure for skincare and maintenance at B16 Clinic?

Our clients often approach us with issues of pigmentation, moles, dehydrated skin, etc. After consulting them, these problems are initially corrected through the repair phase which includes improving the appearance of the skin, MDA Polishing, Chemical peels, etc. After correcting the issue and fixing the repairs, the skin is made polished and rejuvenated. Maintenance treatments and periodical check ups are then recommended to help you maintain the glow and look.