Acne and acne scars often leave a lot of people distressed and irritated. It is all the more difficult when they appear right before an important occasion and refuse to go away. No worries, we have a wide range of treatments that probe deeply into your particular skin type, causes and effects before arriving at an effective and dermatologically assured solution. Our experience and expertise in providing extensive treatments for acne, inflammation, and acne marks through laser treatments, Microdermabrasion, Medical-grade sterile acne extractions, Microneedling, fillers, peels, etc., have always been received with great satisfaction by our clients and has made them fall in love with themselves.
Instant acne removal treatment helps remove or reduce acne. We also have a wide range of peels and facials that give instant and trustworthy results!

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Acne are small bumps with lesions caused when the hair follicles under the skin get blocked or clogged by oil and dead skin cells. The pimples get inflamed when bacteria invade the region or when the follicle wall ruptures.
There are also open comedones known as blackheads with a black or brown colour due to exposure to air. Closed comedones with their pore openings blocked could develop into whiteheads.
Acne can develop due to a variety of factors including, Hormones, lifestyle, Age, heredity or specific medications.
While acne commonly affects teens and young adults, it can also continue into adulthood. Most people get rid of acne by the time they are in their thirties, but some people in their forties and fifties continue to have this skin problem.
Other factors like food intake, Stress, Pollution and high humidity, use of comedogenic cosmetic products, etc., could worsen the issue.

Acne causes several types of lesions or pimples. Here are a few:

Acne causes several types of lesions or pimples. Here are a few:
• Closed comedones – They are white closed bumps clogged by dead skin and oil particles.
• Open comedones – Blackheads appear as black or brown open bumps on the skin. Exposure to air and irregular light reflection gives them a dark colour.
• Papules: Small, pink or red inflamed bumps on the skin that can be tender to the touch.
• Pustules: Infected white or yellow pus-filled lesions with a swollen red base. Picking or scratching them could cause scarring.
• Nodules: Large and painful solid lesions rooted deeply into the skin
• Cysts: These are pimples filled with pus and could cause scars.

Not just squeezing the pimples, scrubbing your skin too hard is also ill-advised! Even though most people get an uncontrollable urge to squeeze pimples, it has far-reaching consequences. Popping a pimple tears the skin and leaves undesirable scars. There is also the chance of the acne getting worse and spreading. The area might get more infected and cause swelling and pain. It is always advisable to treat the acne and acne scars with care to avoid lasting negative effects. Reach out to B16 Clinic to get customised treatments and choose from a wide variety of expert treatments we offer!

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Acne laser Treatment Coimbatore

Insta clear acne treatment

Reduces acne in just three days with our carefully curated Insta Clear acne treatment

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Acne check peel

Reduces inflammatory acne and prevents them from appearing again.

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Acne Comedone treatment

Reduces and clears black and whiteheads


These are the unwanted souvenirs left behind by acne that could be unpleasing to the eye. We have a diverse array of advanced treatments to tackle the same.

What are the different types of acne scars?

Acne scars can be of three types:

Pigmented scars have two stages- The red or inflammatory stage and the brown pigmented stage. Red scars are inflamed scars formed as a result of a wound healing process. Scars when exposed to sunlight could get pigmented and form brown scars.

These are depressed scars caused due to a loss of tissue and can form in any part of the body, commonly in the face, hands, and legs. There are different types of Atrophic scars:
• Ice Pick Scars: These have the appearance of a deep pore and develop as a result of an infection from a cyst or other deep inflamed blemish that reaches the skin surface.
• Boxcar Scars: These are round or oval scars that make the skin uneven with a pitted appearance. These scars are flat-bottomed and resemble chickenpox scars.
• Rolled-out scars: These scars cause depression in the skin, making it look uneven and rough.

These scars are caused due to an excess of tissue and form raised lumps where the acne once was. These form bulges in the skin, as opposed to depressions in the case of atrophic scars.

Depending on the skin and scar type, we pick out the most effective and personalised treatments that are sure to provide proven results.

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These are the unwanted souvenirs left behind by acne that could be unpleasing to the eye. We have a diverse array of advanced treatments to tackle the same.

Microneedling is a very simple, safe, effective, and minimally invasive therapeutic technique used for a very wide range of indications including acne scar, acne, post-traumatic/burn scar, alopecia, skin rejuvenation, drug delivery, hyperhidrosis, stretch marks, and many more. It is safe for all types of skin with minimal downtime. Only the affected area is treated and there is minimal risk of post-inflammatory dyschromia. Microneedling is an effective treatment that overcomes the side effects of scarring and hyperpigmentation resulting from other procedures in which the epidermis is compromised. The treatment makes use of Dermaroller or Dermapen.

Dermaroller is a simple handheld instrument that has the amazing ability to naturally trigger elastin and collagen production in the skin without damaging it. It is also referred to as collagen induction therapy. Dermapen can also be used to provide precise and measurable treatments by uniformly puncturing the skin instead of a Dermaroller. It reduces scars, stretch marks, cellulite and suits all skin tones and types. Microneedling can be used to treat even the more fragile areas of the face and neck. Topical numbing gels are applied prior to the treatment to ensure that the procedure is painless. Depending on the specific type of requirement, serum infusion is provided. The treatment provides a clear channel for topical gels or creams to be absorbed more effectively through the top layer of the skin. The sessions are repeated after specific intervals of time and work best for people with minimal scars.

RF Microneedling or Radio Frequency Microneedling is an advanced and innovative take on traditional Microneedling that provides patients with a refreshed, gently tightened complexion. Radiofrequency energy and gentle heating are applied to the skin to create small puncture wounds called “micro-channels”. This is a perfect treatment for people who wish to refresh their look and are ready to give a lift to their charm without any invasive techniques. It minimises enlarged pores and the appearance of acne scarring.

Pixel is a revolutionary, FDA-approved treatment designed to create younger, more radiant and bright skin by addressing sun damage, acne scars and other texture issues. B16 Clinic is one of the few advanced clinics in India that provide this treatment. The treatment uses Erbium YAG lasers that work by creating thousands of tiny “wounds” in the treatment area but ensure that the surrounding tissue is unharmed so that the skin can repair itself rapidly and naturally. It is greatly balanced and extremely effective in resurfacing the skin and treating a wide range of imperfections with less downtime.

Subcision treatment is used to treat acne scarring, specifically depressed acne scars. The treatment is minimally invasive, with no downtime, and is an effective solution for various types of scarring. It can be a game-changer when you have rolled, deep acne scars, depressed scars, surgical scars, or other forms of scarring by improving the texture and appearance of the skin. A tiny needle is inserted into the skin and moved underneath the scar to cut the fibrotic strands that pull the skin downwards. The process triggers the release of collagen, which helps to add volume to the area which was released.

TCA cross peel treatment or Trichloroacetic acid Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars is a specialised focal technique to treat selected deep scars effectively and safely, with minimal downtime. A high concentration of TCA is used to denature the proteins at the deeper layers of the skin where scar tissue is found. This process stimulates collagen synthesis, skin thickening and a resultant improvement in acne scar appearance.