Hair transplantation or restoration surgery is the most sought after option in case of permanent hair loss or non-regenerative hair follicles.

Before hair transplantation treatment
after B16 clinic hair transplant in coimbatore

A hair transplant can be done if the patient has a clear-cut baldness pattern and a healthy donor area. But it is important to establish the reasons for hair loss.

During the consultation, the experienced doctors of B16 Clinic diagnose the condition and help you to reach the decision in planning your hair restoration journey. You must have realistic expectations about surgical hair restoration and know about your medical and aesthetic indications.

Conditions like Male pattern (MPB) and female pattern baldness (FAGA) are common. Also, scarring alopecia, Traction alopecia, and long-standing cases of Alopecia Areata might require a hair transplant.

Beard and moustache reshaping, Scar reconstruction – Burns/Injury scars, Hairline corrections, Eyebrow and eyelash transplant and Revision hair transplant are other areas.

There are different types of hair transplant options. Hair transplant can be done not just to the scalp but also to the beard, moustache and eyebrows. The procedures at B16 Clinic are Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and Bio-FUETM.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE):

During the surgery, a patch of hair from the back of the scalp is removed and transplanted to a bald spot. It is done under local Anaesthesia and is a safe process. The newly transplanted grafts get accepted by the body and behave like natural hairs.

FUE has proven to provide natural, undetectable results through virtually painless methods. The procedure is minimally invasive and provides permanent results. It also promises high-quality graft extraction and the maximum density possible per session. It does no damage to pre-existing hair with does not leave behind linear scars or stitches. With FUE, the direction of hair can be customised according to individual choices with cherry-picking of good grafts and minimal transection. It does not pose any risk of infection and has made body hair implantation and the regeneration of small cosmetic areas like beards, eyebrows and eyelashes a possibility.

FUE Treatment begins with administering local anaesthesia to the patient. You might also be recommended to use field and regional anaesthesia blocks which will work only on the area prepared for the surgery. It is a virtually painless process where the patient remains wide awake during the entire surgery. Using a 0.6 – 0.9mm punch, hair grafts are taken out and simultaneously removed using forceps. These grafts are then studied by our specialists and transected grafts are discarded. The whole procedure is done with utmost care to prevent any wastage.

After obtaining hair from the donor area, our surgeons design and mark the recipient area according to the preferences of the clients and the limitations of the donor area. pockets are made for the extracted hair depending on the length of the grafts and implantation is done like any other hair transplantation procedure using forceps and implanters.

Bio FUE is a highly developed and trademarked procedure of FUE hair transplant. Being a long term customized plan of hair restoration, it takes into account of the fact that hair loss is a progressive condition and different patients have different hair characteristics or different patterns of hair loss. In this technique, the hair follicles or grafts are extracted using special instruments depending on the patient’s graft length and thickness. After the surgery, growth factors and platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient’s blood are administered to the scalp to make the hair stronger, longer and healthier.

In Bio-FUE, slits are made before the extraction with proper direction. Extraction is done using flat punches depending upon the lengths of the hair. The wastage of hair grafts is minimum in this technique than in any other and hair thinning does not occur post the treatment. The grafts are properly hydrated during implantation and the trauma associated with it is minimum as it makes use of the double forceps technique. Biotherapy is done with every procedure and the risks of allergy are extremely rare.

Our well-trained experts and many years of experience in hair transplantation are effective in reducing the possible risks of bleeding, bruising, swelling and infection, typical of hair transplantation surgeries. Get instant relief from embarrassments and lack of confidence due to balding and permanent hair loss at B16 Clinic!

Our advanced technology and experienced specialists work with utmost dedication and commitment. Delivering great results for a long time, we have developed a vast client base promising the highest quality results at affordable costs. Our use of only the time-tested and trademarked procedures has offered excellent results with complete satisfaction. Our customised plans to suit our patients and ultra-hygienic practices have always been exemplary and innovative.