Get Best prp injection treatment at b16clinic

PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a regenerative treatment that heals, improves and contributes to the healthy development of tissues and cells. It involves drawing blood from a person and separating the platelet-rich plasma portion from it which is a concentration of essential growth factors and other bioactive proteins. After treating the same, the concentration is injected into the same person to speed up regenerative processes. The regenerative process renews the scalp cells and stimulates the production of new and healthy ones. It has a very high success rate and is completely safe and effective.

Get Best prp injection treatment at b16clinic
Advanced PRP injection hair treatment at b16clinic coimbatore

The concentration of platelet-rich plasma collected using the centrifuge technique is injected into the patient’s scalp using microneedles after activating the growth factors in it. Local anaesthesia is administered to the scalp margin to ensure that the treatment remains painless. It is an effective treatment to combat hair fall, thinning and patterned hair loss. The number of sessions required for the treatment depends on the degree of the concern.

The procedure is non-surgical and is best used to treat thinning hair and stop the progression of hair loss. It tackles both male/female pattern baldness and alopecia and encourages the growth of existing hair follicles without resorting to surgery. PRP is therefore the most healthy and natural way to stimulate hair growth.

PRP offers fuller and healthier natural-looking hair without the use of surgery. It significantly increases the regrowth of hair and produces new healthy cells with no side effects. Discomforts, burning or itching sensation is very less or nothing at all. It serves as a safe and effective treatment option against Alopecia areata and other cell non-regenerative concerns.

The procedure involves preparing an extract drawn from your own blood and takes between 30-60 minutes of time.

First, a few drops of blood will be drawn from your arm and placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins and separates the platelets and growth factors from the rest of the blood components.

3 – 6 ml of platelet-rich plasma is then extracted and injected into the scalp via microinjections.

The results can usually be seen between two to three months post-treatment. PRP is usually recommended as a course of 3 to 6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart depending on your type of hair loss, and its extent. A maintenance session once a year is also recommended.

​ PRP does not have any downtime. You may return to your normal daily routine immediately after the treatment. It is recommended to avoid any strenuous activity or alcohol consumption 24 hours post the procedure.