Botox® is a neuromodulator toxin with many medical and cosmetic uses. Botulinum toxin with its commercial name BOTOX is marketed by Allergan and is used as the best option for ‘non-surgical facelift’. This toxin acts by causing certain groups of facial muscles to not contract thereby helping in removing wrinkles. The effects of the treatment are quite dramatic and efficient.

Botox® is injected into muscles to relax the same and used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe forehead lines, crow’s feet lines, and frown lines between the eyebrows in adults. The injected toxin blocks the nerve signals from the brain to the muscles and thereby, inhibits the release of a chemical called acetylcholine from the nerve terminals. The wrought muscles/ wrinkles get softened and are prevented from contracting. It visibly and significantly helps reduce or remove wrinkles by causing certain groups of facial muscles to not contract, creating a less tired and more youthful appearance.

The treatment usually lasts between 3 to 6 months. The muscles begin to recover after the first three months but the effects could last up to 6 months depending on the muscle/muscle group injected, after which you might require your next botox injection. The wrinkles become much improved after regular and repeated sessions, and the interval between the sessions increases with time.

The treatment requires follow-ups and appointments as it is temporary and wears off over time. It has no downtime and creates subtle improvement with natural-looking results.

Our clients, after using Botox treatment are quite happy and confident with the perfection they received. Let the world see the perfect version of yourself, achieved through our trained medical professionals.

Botox injections have no downtime and the effects begin to appear within 2 -3 days following the injection. Complete effects would be visible after a month and could last up to 6 months.

• Patients with allergies to components of the toxin
• Psychologically unstable patients
• Those with unrealistic expectations
• Pre-existing neurological conditions
• Pregnant ladies must consider the factor though it isn’t proven completely unsafe.

Wrinkles or lines on the face can be divided into static and dynamic. Static lines appear even though you are not having any facial expressions. It stays in the face and can be treated using fillers. Dynamic lines, on the other hand, appear when you have an expression on your face- say, when you laugh, frown, etc. BOTOX treats these dynamic wrinkles through a direct or combination approach.

BOTOX is effective in treating Dynamic forehead lines or worry lines, Glabellar frown lines, Crow’s feet lines, droopy or slanting eyebrows, Widened jaw, Excessive sweating over palms, soles and underarms( hyperhidrosis), Gummy smile, Nasolabial folds, etc. Sometimes, the combination of both fillers and Botox is used too to achieve the ideal results.

Well, that’s okay. We’ll explain things to you!

Glabellar lines are Horizontal lines or 11s, above the eyebrows that show up when you smile, laugh, look worried or surprised. The glabella muscles tug and pull the skin that covers them showing parallel lines that are usually a sign of ageing.

Crow’s feet lines, as the name suggests, are little lines spreading out from the corners of your eyes due to tiny muscle contractions when you make a facial expression. These lines get deeper over time and can be static or dynamic.

Nasolabial folds are also called smile lines or laugh lines that appear on either side of the mouth when one smiles. They separate the cheek and upper lip by making them distinctive. You might need to correct it when they become more pronounced and thick over time.

Gummy smiles appear when the proportions of the teeth, gum tissues, and the upper jaw are not in harmony with each other. Since the position of the upper lip also plays a major role in the same, BOTOX injections could correct the issue.

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating in the body. To know more about the same, check out treatments for the ‘Body’.

Botulinum toxin is used in sparing quantities for cosmetic indications with less than 100 units per session. The harmful range for humans is far higher than that and we use only 1/30th of the same. Hence, it is perfectly safe to use with no adverse effects.