Hair damage can be a result of internal or external agents. The hair shaft of dry and damaged hair can’t absorb or retain essential moisture and the scalp underproduces the sebum that nourishes the hair.

What factors damage or makes the hair dull?

Constant use of bleach or dyes and aggressive products will dry the hair and damage it permanently. Use of high temperature or “heat” tools and irregular hair care practices can also damage it adversely. Lack of moisture can make the hair tangled and frizzy depending on the hair type. Excessive exposure to sunlight will also affect the hair. Other factors include protein deficiency or thyroid abnormality, hypothyroidism or inadequate thyroid hormone, excessive thyroid hormone production or hyperthyroidism among many others.

We offer several clinical treatments that aid in healthy hair restoration.

To Repair Damaged Hair in coimbatore

MESOPORATION/ELECTROPORATION: The procedure cleanses the scalp thoroughly with a cleanser followed by deep poration. Biopeptides are applied onto the scalp and deeply penetrated using a non-invasive electroporation machine. The process improves follicular maturation and follicular turnover time. It can also be used to treat hair loss and dull, damaged hair.

Even though hair damages in many instances cannot be undone completely, proper and timely treatment would prove to be a wise decision. We also provide hair care routines and recommendations to nourish your hair and prevent them from drying and damaging.