Excessive sweating in any part of your skin is commonly termed hyperhidrosis. Uncontrollable and excessive sweating in the palms is referred to as palmar hyperhidrosis. If you happen to be someone with excessive sweating in the palms and feet, read along.

Excessive sweating in the palms could make you shy away from handshakes and anything to do with holding hands. If you are a student or someone who writes, you must have had a hard time writing with your wet hands spreading your ink and even, tearing the paper. This becomes a particular nightmare during exams. You might have also felt the skin in your palms peeling off more than it does to others and felt yourself more prone to fungal infections. Let’s make a few things clear to you.

Firstly, this is not a disease but a medical condition that causes a lot of trouble for you. But no worries, we’ve got it all under control and are here to help you out the same.

Excess Sweating Palms and Soles | Iontophoresis Treatment Coimbatore

We have most sweat glands in our palms and soles than in any other part of our body. It, therefore, isn’t surprising that they sweat. But excessive sweating could be due to hereditary conditions and other secondary medical conditions. It is essential to treat them before inviting more trouble and attention because it wouldn’t go away unless you bid it goodbye.

Anything that dramatically increases your body temperature can trigger sweating in the hands and feet. Commonly, people with anxiety and stress are more prone to have this condition. Excessive sweating can be temporary or lasting and can be sudden. Exerting exercises, warm weather, etc could cause temporary sweating and is quite natural. But identifying the abnormality of persistent sweating is essential to find out the right treatment that fits your issue. It can be the result of side effects from medicines, low blood sugar levels etc.

With specialised treatments from the well-qualified medical practitioners of B16 Clinic, hyperhidrosis in the palms and soles can be treated effectively and safely. After viewing your medical history and examining your body, we provide treatments like:

Botulinum toxin

This treatment is commonly used in the case of hyperhidrosis, both underarm and in the soles and palms. Botox® injections are a proven and reliable medication with little or no downtime.


Repeated sessions of passing low electrical current as you immerse your palms and feet in water are proven to work in reducing your excessive sweating through those parts.
With repeated sessions, you will find considerable relief and improvement.
Though semi-permanent, constant sessions would reduce the condition dramatically to even put a halt to it.
Apart from Clinical procedures, there are several medications that can be administered to get lasting results.

Clinical procedures would be your lifesavers if you are someone who tried a variety of ways to reduce your sweat. Sure, antiperspirants are helpful initially but might not help you much if you have abnormal sweating. One or a combination of the above-mentioned treatments work most of the time.