Tattooed yourself impulsively to follow the trend? And has the trend vanished? Our laser tattoo removal treatments are here for your rescue!

We get several people who regret tattooing their body for a variety of reasons- allergic reactions, bloodborne diseases, infections, inflammation, sudden embarrassments, familial issues, fitting into organisational rules or even a sudden revelation and health consciousness. No matter the reason, the tattoo must go without making much fuss. Trust us, we’ll remove the tattoo easier than it came to exist. Depending on the size, shape, region and nature, tattoo removal period and sessions differ too.

How is the Tattoo removed at B16 Clinic?

Laser tattoo removal - B16clinic

In laser tattoo removal, a beam is focused on ink particles in the skin and breaks them into smaller particles that the immune system in your body can dispose off through normal metabolism. The treatment removes all types of tattoos and colour pigments without leaving any scars. We use US FDA approved Q-switched lasers that are effective in providing the best and most advanced results. The treatment might require multiple sessions depending on the type of the tattoo but it becomes lighter after each session. We also provide you with aftercare recommendations.

Will the treatment work in the skin already damaged through other removal treatments?

We are highly experienced in treating our clients who had already tried different types of tattoo removal treatments in the past using lasers that may have damaged or scarred the skin. Any visible ink that is left can be reduced through lasers and collagen inducing dermabrasion.

Cosmetologist Laser Tattoo Removal