Medifacial treatments for our lovely brides and bridegrooms concentrate on a three-phase procedure beginning with reducing any skin problem or issue. In this first stage, the specific skin type and condition of the person are taken into consideration and issues assessed. We’ll then give you a detailed recommendation regarding the various treatments or procedures that can be done to prepare you for your big day. Taking into consideration your preferences and budget, we begin with skin repairing and polishing treatments.

Phase two of the treatment involves treating the skin with Medifacials to enhance skin health for the best benefits. Treatments are done strictly to suit the conditions and skincare requirements after repairing the skin or imperfections of the special client. Our most sought after medifacial packages are hydra facial, photo facial, laser peel facial, oxypeel facial, cryo facial and BB Glow Facial. Refer to the treatment section of this website to know more about the individual treatments.

Phase three involves follow-ups, personalised recommendations and individual maintenance efforts. Medifacial treatments begin early to ensure that the brides and bridegrooms rock the event and have more to them than just make-up.